10 Things to Do Before Selling Your Android Smartphone in 2021

10 Things to Do Before Selling Your Android Smartphone

Feeling we need to switch to the brand new Android phone and want to sell the current one (and Android) but are afraid of how you will continue to save all the data on the current phone? We have brought you this guide that details 10 important things to do before selling your Android smartphone. Find both – new and old calls – and take them to our step-by-step guide.


Back up your contacts

If you are an Android user and use Google apps extensively, be sure to back up your contacts. If your contacts have not yet been synced to your Gmail account, you can do so manually by going to https://contacts.google.com/.


Back up your messages and call records

Like your contacts, you can back up your messages and call records again. Your messages can be backed up using third-party software such as SMS Backup and Restore. You can create a backup of your messages by saving them to Google Drive and you can restore them from there on your new phone. The same application can be used to back up your call records as well.


Back up your photos, videos and other media with a cloud or external storage device

You can claim Cloud backup using Google Photos, Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, DropBox or another trusted Cloud service or you can transfer media files to an external hard drive or SSD.


Log out and delete all accounts before factory reset

Factory reset will erase everything on the smartphone but does not remove you from your Google account (s). Therefore, be sure to sign out of all Google Accounts and other online accounts before the initial reset. You can check the sign-in accounts by searching for “Accounts” in the phone settings or go to “Accounts” with Gmail settings.

Locate and remove microSD cards

Remove microSD cards, if you use one, from your phone. But first check the data is safe inside.


Don’t forget to remove the SIM card

This is something you don’t need to be told, but still, don’t forget to remove your SIM card.

Create a WhatsApp backup

To save your WhatsApp conversations before switching to a new phone, create a backup of the chat from WhatsApp settings in Google. You can choose to include or exclude other files in your conversation. Then when you make a new WhatsApp installation on your new device, you can restore the chat backup.


Check your phone is encrypted

Before proceeding with factory reset, check that your Android phone is encrypted. If not, you can do that by setting the phone settings. Encryption makes it very difficult for someone else to access the data on your phone after a factory reset. Most new Android phones come pre-installed but older ones do not.

Industrial reset is a necessity

Now, once you are sure that you have backed up all the important files to your phone and have them encrypted, you can proceed with the factory reset. Search for “reset” in phone settings and select “Erase all data (original reset)”. Doing this will erase everything on your smartphone.

lean on your old phone and put it and all the accessories back in the box; will help you find a better price


You should first wipe your old phone with a clean cloth, preferably one with a wet solution. It is not a necessity but a tip to get rid of the traces of dust and all that germs have put on the fence. We think you have saved the phone box and the resources that came with it. Put your phone and apps inside the box. Now, you’re ready to sell.


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