Design thinking questions and answers

1: __ is a summary of all the interactions a customer has with the organization through different touchpoints.

Answer : Customer experience—or CX

2 : Design thinking is a linear process.
Answer : Flase

3: __ prototypes are built using papers, stickers, or any readily available materials, and are not necessarily working.

Answer : Low Fidelity

4: Framing the problems, allowing experimentation, communicating ideas, and collaborating with the team are the qualities of a __?

Answer : A team leader

5: For the design thinking process to evolve, Interaction designers should deepen their knowledge on Human Interactions with _.
Answer : Machines

6: What are the two things that the teams generally forget during idea generation?
Answer : Socializing, Delivery

7: A good leader must know the skills of the team members.
Answer : True

8: Customer Experience is applied only to IT organizations.

Answer: Flase

9: Which of these is a component of a good Customer Experience?
Answer : Archetypes

10: UX and UI are the same.
Answer : Flase

11: Which of the following best describes prototyping?
Answer : Experiencing concepts in real life

12:Design Thinking is a _ centered way of solving a problem.

Answer : Human

12: The following are stages in the design thinking process, except _.

Answer : Production

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