DevOps Culture Question Answer

Product Management is one of the 7 DevOps practices


Improve quality and performance of the applications is a major driver for switching to DevOps


DevOps is the union of _ , _ and _ to enable continuous delivery of value to end users.

People, Processes and Products.

Understanding of what we are deploying and how we are deploying comes under which habit of DevOps

Configuration Management

DevOps encompasses _


__ is the primary measure of progress according to Agile Manifesto.

Working Software

enables continuous value delivery


What is the desire in the organization to push things to production termed as ?

Live Site Culture

Automation empowers frequent releases and self-service


Which of the following is not a benefit of Automation in DevOps ?

Implants Manual Errors

Which of the following can slow down your ability to deliver code effectively ?

Technical Debt

__ measures complexity of the code and the efficiency of the development systems.

Change Lead Time

Which of the following is a benefit of small releases ?

Faster Feedback

What is the metric used to measure how quickly are we deploying ?

Deployment Frequency

Minimize conflicts when merging code should be one of your goals while performing branching.


Change Fail rate is an Agility performance indicator


Continuous Delivery encourages configuration as code.


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