FP_Docker – Magneta

  1. On Docker installation, the three networks that are automatically created are .
    bridge, host, none
  2. Which among the following network can be created by users?
    Bridge and Overlay network
  3. Docker network inspect command will list the containers running in the network.
  4. The virtual bridge that docker establishes is called .
  5. Default inet address for docker is _.
  6. What is the Docker command syntax to inspect a docker bridge?
    docker network inspect bridge
  7. Container networking model explains architecture for
  8. What is the Docker command to disconnect a container from bridge network?
    docker network disconnect bridge
  9. When a container is started, Docker establishes a bridge between __.
    host machine and containers
  10. Container storage layer is read-only.
  11. Storage driver and data volumes are independent of each other.
  12. Which of the following are storage drivers supported by Docker for Ubuntu systems?
    All the options
  13. Which one of the following is correct?
    Multiple container layers can be built on top of an Image layer
  14. Storage driver manages the contents of .
    Images and container layer
  15. Which of the following is the docker command to remove unused volumes?
    docker volume prune
  16. Configuration changes should be done in _file to modify the storage driver used.
  17. Which Docker command is used to know the current storage driver configured?
    docker info
  18. Docker volumes can be backed up/restored/migrated.
  19. Storage drivers cannot be modified and configured in docker.
  20. Using docker compose, we cannot bring up more than one service.
  21. Which of the following is a valid docker inspect command to display logpath?
    docker inspect –format='{{.LogPath}}’ tomcatContainer
  22. Docker inspect command is used to .
    low level information on docker objects
  23. Which of the following is the syntax to inspect data volumes?
    docker volume inspect
  24. Which is the docker syntax to locate a volume which is mounted to a container?
    docker inspect —- Wrong (All options are same)
    ————– Final Exam Questions First Try 9 correct ——————————
  25. What happens when you press Cntrl + P + Q inside of container?
    Detaches the Docker host terminal from the container
  26. By default, what happens to docker container, when the process it is running exits?
    Container exits
  27. Which of the following command will install Docker engine in a Centos server?
    yum install docker
  28. Which of the following command will start a container based on Ubuntu 14.04 base image?
    docker run ubuntu:14.04
  29. Which of the following is true?
    docker ps shows all containers by default.
  30. Which is the Docker command to build a docker image using docker file in the current directory?
    docker build .
  31. Which option can we pass to the docker daemon to assign docker bridge to specific IP range?
  32. _is a text document that contains all the commands a user could run on the command line to assemble an image.
  33. Which of the following is another term to describe container virtualization?
    OS level virtualization
  34. _ is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications.
    docker compose
  35. Three events that are captured in docker diff command are _.
    A – Add, D – Delete, C -Change
  36. What is the command to stop a container?
    docker stop
  37. Which is the Docker command to show the version information of the docker components?
    docker version
  38. Virtual machines are a form of type of virtualization.
  39. Which Dockerfile instruction can be used to install packages to our new image?
    apt-get install
    —————————— Second Try —————————————
  40. What happens when you execute the command? Docker run debian /bin/sh
    A container is created and exited immdiately
  41. Which docker command lets us attach to a running container?
    docker attach
  42. By default, what mode do docker containers run in?
    detached mode
  43. What is the syntax to mount a /project/data directory from docker host into a directory /data in container?

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