How to activate WhatsApp voice | video calling from computer or Laptop

What is WhatsApp?

chat app that launched at the dawn of the smartphone era back in 2009. WhatsApp is a free, multiplatform messaging app that helps you to make video and voice calls, send text messages, and more — all with just a Wi-Fi connection Today WhatsApp is that the hottest communication app worldwide because of large part to its accessibility, cross-platform functionality, and simple, straightforward features.


WhatsApp was one of the first mobile apps to offer free, internet-based messaging. Instead of sending texts using cellular-data networks, where fees may apply, WhatsApp primarily relies on a Wi-Fi connection to send and receive messages and calls for free. Fast forward to now: WhatsApp is preferred by over 2 billion users for its ability to streamline communications, no matter their device or location.

While WhatsApp is similar to other messaging services like iMessage or Messages by Google, it still offers a few key advantages, the most significant being cross-platform functionality (between Android and iOS, for example).

At a glance, WhatsApp may seem like nothing more than a text messaging app, but it can do much more. Here’s a brief rundown of WhatsApp’s core features:

·         Voice and video calls: In addition to voice calls, WhatsApp also offers video calls, including a group function, which allows up to eight participants on one call.


·         Voice messaging: You can record and send voice messages to individual chats or group chats.


·         Secure messaging: WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, a secure communication standard where only the people who are messaging can read the messages.


·         Photos and video sharing: You can send videos, photos, and GIFs without worrying that your images will be pixelated or not downloadable, which can sometimes happen across SMS messages between different mobile platforms and wireless carriers.


·         Document sharing: WhatsApp lets you send all kinds of documents, such as PDFs, spreadsheets, and slideshows without the hassle of email or separate document-sharing apps.


·         Desktop access: WhatsApp offers a desktop version for Mac and for PC.


·         WhatsApp Business: WhatsApp’s dedicated business account is designed so entrepreneurs can showcase their products and connect with their customers on a platform that’s convenient and familiar.


How to activate WhatsApp video calling from computer or Laptop


      1. Download and install the WhatsApp’s desktop app on your computer/laptop.

            Go to –



2. Open it and configure it by scanning the QR code using WhatsApp on your smartphone. You can now access all your WhatsApp contacts.



     3. To make a voice or video call, click on the call icon, located on the top right corner of the screen on the desktop app.



 4. Click the call button to initiate a voice or video call.

Once you dial a person, a standalone window will appear on your monitor, which can be resized. You will always notice the call window at the top of the screen, while you continue with chats or browse content online.

For this, you will need an audio output device and microphone. Your device should also have a camera for video calls.

You also need to have an active internet connection on your computer and smartphone. The call is not made through your phone, but it needs an internet connection to establish the call.

WhatsApp will ask you to grant permission for accessing your computer’s microphone and camera. 

Note : WhatsApp Desktop calling is supported on computers having at least Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 and macOS 10.13.

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