How to add blog to an Existing Business Website 2021 (WordPress)

Adding a Blog to an Existing Business Website! (WordPress)

 In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to start a blog on your business website. We’ll teach you exactly how to add a blog to your website so that itwill come up in your top menu bar right here so that when a visitor clicks on the blog section, they’ll be taken to all your articles,and they’ll be able to click and view full article and it’s great way to keep in touch with your customers. So what is a blog? Like I said, use it to post interesting content or articles that relate to the content or a topic of your business. Or you can make a business blog to update your customers about new products or services. And it’s been shown that businesses that start a blog tend to attract more customers, so it’s definitely worthwhile.

If you haven’t got an existing website and you want to know how to make a blog from scratch, we will be putting a tutorial out there in the near future,however this video is specifically for you guys that already have aWordPress website for your business and you want to add ablog section to it. So let’s begin. The first thing you need to do is go into your WordPress dashboard so your Enter your username/password, and login. Go into Settings, and Permalinks. Currently the structureof our URLs is the domain which is whatever your postis called. So to give you an example, for the physiotherapy page this is the URL:

Now we want to change that for the blog section, it won’t affect the rest of your pages which you’ve been adding but it will affect the posts which we’ll use to add blog posts. So change this to exactly what I have on the screen here. If that’s hard to follow I’ll put that up on our website as well so you can just copy and paste that into the custom structure section right here. Hit save changes. What we going to do now is add a blog category so what will happen when we add blog post is it will be our title   So therefore it will be very structured.

To add a new blog category go into Posts, Categories name – Blog Slug – Blog Slug is just theURL version that will appear the in the extension so we can leave that as blog None for parent and you can enter description if you want we’ll leave it blank. and then hit New Category I’d already done that previously so after you hit Add New Category the blog category will be added right here. The next thing you can do is start adding blog posts and to give you an example, I’m going to add a couple dummy posts. Soc lick Add New now let’s go ahead and enter some dummy blog posts to see how it will appear on your website say 10 quick tips to Optimize your Site I’m just going to look for some dummy data. Now after you’ve entered your blog posts, whatever it may be make sure you select the category hereas Blog and then click Publish. You’ll notice that when you view post your URL extension will be your Okay so all add a couple more.    

So I’ve added 3 blog posts, to view these blog posts we can go to and that is exactly what your blog section is going to look like on your website. You’ll see every post is listed and users will be able to scroll down and select any individual blog they want to view in full. but the only problem now is that user scan not find section so what we going to do is put a blog link in the top menu just here somewhere to do that go back into dashboard and go into Appearance Menus and in custom links enter your blog extension which is your   You can label that blog or anything else you want.Add to Menu Now drag and drop that wherever you want that to appear so we’ll put it just and before contact us, and Save Menu.

When I refresh our site you’ll notice the blog section appears right here, so when I use a lands on the homepage or wherever they are on your site they can easily scroll through your site and go to your blog and therefore view any of the posts you make. There you go it’s as easy as that to make your own blog or to add your own blog to an existing website I should say. If you want to make a blog from scratch and you haven’t got an existing website, we’re going to put a video out in the near future for you to be able todo that. We hope this video has been helpful, and please like this video and subscribe to our channel. If you have any questions feel free to email us and we’ll do our best to help you. Thanks for watching.

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