How to Install Google Analytics In WordPress within 5 Minute 2021!

How to Install Google Analytics In WordPress within 5 Minute 2021!

In this blog I’ll be showing you how to install Google Analytics Onto your WordPress Website. So Google Analytics is important so you can track how many visitors are coming to your website, what they are doing and how your site is performing. Now, you can also view the analytics within the dashboard of your WordPress. So it’s super convenient and this is a must have plugin for your WordPress website, blog or eCommerce Store. So without much further ado, lets get started! The first thing that you’ll need to do, is login to your Google account. Then the second thing you’ll need to do is search for Google Analytics. And click on enter, you can click on the first result here.

Now, if you have an account already it’s gonna take you within your dashboard area. If you don’t have an account, I think you can can click on sign up or I think it’s start measuring And that’s gonna take you to where you can create your new account. So you can scroll down here if you have an account  already. Click on “Admin”. And click on create account. Okay, so everyone is should be on this page now. For the account name, you can put your business name or whatever you want. So this one, I’m just gonna call it “Analytics Demo Tutorial”. So you can scroll down here and uncheck these if you want to. I’m just gonna click on next. So, we’re gonna select “Web”. Scroll down. Click on “Next”.

So for the website name, this one is just gonna be site tutorial. So this one could just be your website domain name or whatever you want. You want to copy the domain URL of your website. So copy that. And come back here and just paste that in, so depending on whether or not you have the Https. Then you wanna select it. Okay, and also just delete that from there. Delete that aswell. For the industry, I’m just gonna put in business. And reporting time zone, I’m gonna set in Australia. And set in Melbourne. Then I’m gonna click on create. I’m gonna select Australia here. And then accept the terms, scroll down and then I’m gonna accept that. And I accept. Alright, so that has created your new account.

Now, the next thing you wanna do. Is you wanna go to your WordPress Dashboard area. And you wanna hover plugins. Click on Add New. Then here, you wanna search for Google Analytics Dashboard. Click on enter. Now, there a few Google Analytics plugins that you can Install. But I personally like this one by Exact Metrics because it’s just simple and light weight. I’m gonna install now. And then click on activate. Once you’ve done that, then you can see Google Analytics on the left here. you can click that. And you wanna Authorize the plugin. Okay, click on get access code. And then you want to click on your Google Account. Which you’ve just created. Err. the Analytics For. Okay, click on allow. copy over the code. come back here, paste it in here.

And save the access code. So that’s gonna link your WordPress Website to your Google analytics account. Right? So you can actually view the analytics by click on the Dashboard here. And you can see the stats here. So it’s not load yet take a couple of hours. For that to actually populate. And if you wanna see the full stats and stuff like that, then you can go back here. and you can click on your Home. Alright? So you can see all your stats, your users, um click on real time. you can check your audience, um and things like that. Right, so what you wanna do lastly is to actually come back here to Google Analytics Click on the tracking code.

And you wanna exclude tracking, so you don’t really wanna track yourself and maybe if you have editors or um authors for your WordPress website. you probably don’t wanna track that. Um because it’s just gonna give you inconsistent data. so we want to sort of just tick all of that. And you can select these ones if you have these people as well. Click on save changes. So that’s pretty much it. I also recommend checking out my SEO tutorial And Yoast SEO tutorial to learn how to get traffic to your website. Um which I’ll link down in the description  below And just in case for those of you who are still building your WordPress website Um you wanna learn how to fully customize and build a WordPress Website, I’ll leave the link to that tutorial aswell. So thank you and see you guys in the next tutorial.

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