How to Monetize a Blog on WordPress | 2021

Is it really possible to make money blogging? Well, stay tuned, and I will show you how I made my first thousand dollars with my WordPress blog, and it’s not as hard as you think. Plus, I’ve got a free download for you that will help you get there.  


Well, if you’re looking for ways to buck the system and create multiple streams of income so you can quit your nine-to-five job and get on to enjoying your life, then subscribe to this channel. I put out new videos every Wednesday, so make sure you hit that notification bell so you will get alerted every time a new video comes out. (mellow music) Learning how to monetize your WordPress blog is not as hard as you might think. In this video, I am going to show you how I made my first thousand dollars with my WordPress blog, and I had a very small blog at the time I made that first thousand dollars. And I definitely wanna make sure you are using the correct WordPress platform. 

So, if you’re just starting your blog, this is really, really important. It is a piece of the puzzlethat many people overlook until well into their blogging career, and then they have to completely switch and almost start over. And that is, you want to haveyour blog on, not And the reason is, is the platform that will allow you to monetize your blog with ads and other ways in the future, whereas does not. Yes, they are both WordPress,but please, please, please, the first thing you need to do, make sure you are on 

Now, this next thing is really, really important, and it is one of those things that I was certainly one of the people that suffered from this,is you need to pick a niche and it needs to be specific. I started my other blog,which is a food blog called The,as a general food blog. And the truth of the matter is, that is too big. You need to focus down in, and it was only after I became focused that I actually got all kinds of opportunities to monetize that blog. So, please spend some time thinking of your niche. What do you want to blog about? And make it very specific. 

And once you have that pinned down, it’s time to pick your WordPress theme. Now, this is a really fun part of it because there are all kinds of gorgeous, beautiful themes out there. The theme is the frame workthat you are going to use to build your blog out. It’s what you look at when you see, “Where do I want a picture? “Where do I want a video carousel?” All kinds of different things. There are a bazillion themes out there, so please take sometime looking through it, picking one that fits nicely with your niche that I know you already spent time narrowing down, and then pick a theme. Now, you do wanna make sureit is a theme. There are so many of them,but to name a couple, go ahead and search for the June theme or the Soled ad theme, and you will get a very good idea of the types of themes that are available out there for WordPress. Some are free, some are paid, your choice. I started with a free them eand it worked just fine for me for a couple of years until I wanted to upgrade it.

 Now, if you already have your niche and your topic you’re going to write about, please write it down in the comments below. I love hearing what bloggers are writing about. Okay, the next step to monetizing your WordPress blog, and this is super important, is you actually have to write content. And I cannot stress this enough,quality, quality, quality. Forget quantity, you have to do a really good job. The writing has to be good and the pictures have to be good. That is how you are going to gain traction. As a blogger, it is critical. Do not skip over this thinking, “If I pump out five posts a week, “then I’m gonna build my blog really quickly.” It will not happen. If you are not putting out quality content, your blog will not grow and you will not have the opportunity to monetize it. So, please take your time. Whatever works for you. I think ideally, one new post per week that is very high- quality will get the job done. If you have time to do more than that, that’s great. If you can only do one a month, do that, but please make sure you are doing quality work. Okay, so now that you have some quality posts out there, you could actually look at ways to monetize your blog. And now, these are generalways that people use to monetize their WordPress blogs. 

I use these, some work better than others, it just depends on your blog. One way to do it is to set up ads. Now, there are a coupleof ways to do this. The first way is, youcan use Google AdSense, and you apply to their program,and then they’ll accept you, and then you place spots for ads on your blog. And it will definitely take some time and some traffic in order tosee the income from those, but that is the first way to try to monetize your blog with advertising. Then, once you have a certain number of page views per month, you can apply to various ad networks. I am with Mediavine, I love them, but you do have to have, I think it’s 30,000 sessions per month to your blog in order to be accepted. So, it will take a littlewhile to get up to that number, but once you move intoan ad network space, then you will monetize yourblog with ads much, much faster. Now, another thing you cando straight off the bat is to try to get some free product from some of the productsthat you love and use. 

All you have to do issend them an email saying, “Hey, I’ve got this blog, here’s a link. “Please send me product and I will talk about it “on my blog,” and you will get all kinds of stuff in the mail. And that is a great way to begin monetizing your blog. It’s not really money, but it’s stuff that you probably already were gonna purchase. So, it’s like getting money in your pocket. Another way a lot of blogger smonetize their WordPress blogs is by creating their own product, whether it’s a book, aneBook, or a video course, and that is a great, great way to monetize your blog. But, it does require a fair number of followers who like and trust and respect you in order to get them topurchase your product. But now, let’s talk about how I made my first $1,000 on my blog, and it was nota big blog at the time. I had, like, 3,000 views per month, I mean, it was a very, very small blog, and I’m talking about sponsored posts. Now, that is where a company will pay you a certain dollar amount inorder to write a blog post about their product. And there’s a huge range ofwhat brands are willing to pay. It can be anywhere from free product, like we discussed earlier,all the way up to, some people are getting severalthousand dollars per post.


But, when I started getting sponsored posts, and again, my blog was very small at the time, I was getting about $150 per post. Now, each one took me about two hours to write and photograph and put out there, so over the course of about three months, I had been able to do seven or eight of these sponsored posts, and I made $1,000. And I’m telling you, that number, oh my god, I made $1,000 blogging, right? That’s after everybody telling me, “You can’t make money blogging.” Well, guess what? Yes you can, and now Iget a lot more than that to write sponsored posts,but it’s the same concept. So, if you are just starting out, it will not take you that long to be able to earn $1,000 with your blog. I would say, sponsored posts, that is the easiest way to get going. So, now that you know different ways to monetize your blog and that in my opinion,sponsored posts are probably the easiest way to get started, you now need to know exactlyhow to get the sponsored posts. 


So, I have created an eBook,I have a link to it below. It’s completely free,and it will show you all of the different ways to get sponsored posts. So, if this video helpedyou learn different ways to monetize your WordPress blog, including getting sponsored posts, please give it a thumbs upand don’t forget to subscribe. And if you’re ready tobuck the traditional system and create multiple streamsof income for yourself so you can live your life,your dreams, your way, then go ahead and type #BuckIt in the comments below.

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