Maven Colasecing Pipeline Answer
1How can we compile and generate war file using single commandmvn compile war:war
2Syntax to create maven project.mvn archtype:generate
3How to generate war filemvn package
4War files are created forWeb and Java
5What is archetypeIt is maven project templating toolkit
6To generate war file using single command,which command in these option is correctmvn archetype:generate -DartifactId=First-WebApp -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-webapp -DinteractiveMode=false
7What are the types of maven pluginsBuild and Reporting plugins
8Maven plugin isBoth
9Surefire plugins are used forfor running junit test and report generation
10Which command is used for skipping the testmvn install -DskipTests
11Which command is used for checking upgrade check(-Dsurefire.junit4.upgradecheck)
12Which option stands for Super POMboth options
13Which of the flow is correct for clean life cycle.pre clean,clean,post clean
14Site life cycle haveprsite,site,post site,deploy
15Super POM is a view-only POM for attributes of all dependencies exists across multiple POMsTRUE
16Syntax to create jar file without compiling the buildmvn jar:jar
17Which command is used to remove build data and target directorymvn clean/mvn clean package
18Syntax used to build maven sitemvn package/mvn SITE package
19POM describes how to build a projectFALSE
20Syntax used to create war fileDinteractivemode=false
21To validate maven project we usemvn validate/mvn validate-project 
22Inclusive quantifiers boundary range is defined as[,3.8]
23List of files generate from maven archetypepom and main
24Exclusive quantifies boundary range is defined as[3.8,4.6)
25It is mandatory to have at least one goal associated with a build phaseFALSE
26What is GAV in mavenboth
27Dependency Management allows toconsolidate and centeralize
28Surefire reports are in*.XML and *.txt format
29Syntax to skip the compilation of the testmvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=true
30Syntax to build maven project offlinemvn -o package
31What does dependency range mean, [2.0.7, 2.0.9)2.0.7,2.0.8
32Maven build process is composed of one build life cycles but has one or more phasesFALSE
33Maven iscomprehensive and management
34How to check maven versionmnv – version
35POM stands for __________ in mavenproject object model
36What are the minimal coordinate attributes required for pom xlm filegroupid;artifactid;version;packaging
37Resources needed for generating build using pom.xml files aresource code, test source and dependency
38Command to generate Super POM viewmvn help:effective pom
39Local repository could be one on the web serverFALSE
40Maven dependencies are stored inrepository lp
41Which of the flow is correct for Build life cyclevalidate, compile, test, package, integrate, verify, install, deploy
42What are the three builds in maven life cycledefault,clean,site
43A build goal is peripheral for a phase when pom binds all goal to the corresponding life cycleFALSE
44While creating maven project, we must enter value for1,2,3,4
45Which plugin is needed to compile projectmaven-compiler-plugin 
46Syntax used for compiling the maven projectmvn compile
47Which plugin is needed to execute projectexec mvn:java
48How to get the maven pathwhereis mvn,mvn clean(not sure with question)
49War files are created for  Web
50Which command is used for generating Unit test reportsmvn surefire-report:report
51What does maven surefire plugins stands forBoth
52Different type of pluginsALL 3

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