Setup and Install WordPress on Google Cloud Platform 2020 Bitnami

Hello everyone and today in this tutorial we’re going to go over how to set up a WordPress website using the Google Cloud Platform for hosting Now this is an especially useful tutorial for you if you have an existing WordPress website that you want to move over to the Google Cloud Platform for hosting OR.. if you are starting a new WordPress website and are looking for a hosting provider Now the first step in this tutorial is to head over to the google cloud platform [typing] that’s “” Click on the console tab in the upper right-hand corner [clicks] .

Alright – now before you can begin with this tutorial you do need to have a Google Cloud Platform account setting up an account is relatively straightforward however I’m not going to go over those steps in this tutorial so once you have successfully created an account head over to your dashboard on Google Cloud Platform and we’re going to go here in the upper left-hand corner we’re going to go to the “create a project” tab now for project name you can put in whatever you want I’m going to put in “test-1” now notice how Google will come up with a unique project ID for you click create [clicks] I am going to forgo that simply because I have already created a project for this example so once you’ve created your project make sure it’s selected here and we’re going to go to “Cloud Launcher” in order to deploy WordPress [clicks on “Cloud Launcher” link] [scrolls down] .

now I will scroll down a bit and here you’ll notice the Cloud/CMS solutions the first three here are WordPress I’m going to go with WordPress by Bitnami simply because it’s the most straightforward to use – in my opinion – I’m going to click that then I’m going to click “Launch on Compute Engine” [clicks] alright – now for deployment name you can name it whatever you want in this tutorial I am going to name it “test-1” for “zone” – you can select whichever zone you prefer for “Machine Type” I am going to select the “Micro 0.6GB” simply because it is the cheapest option for disk type I am going to select the “Solid State Drive” simply because they are – on average about 5-10x faster than the “Standard Persistent Disk” and for “Disk Size” in GB I am going to go with the default of 10GB simply because that it the lowest disk size allowed alright – now I am going to scroll down and click “Deploy” [clicks “Deploy”] .

now this process does take a couple of minutes… for the project do deploy so hold on and be patient… [skip to 5:00 if you don’t want to wait] Alright – now that our WordPress has been deployed we’re going to take note of our “admin user name” which is “user” and our “admin password” which is temporary – and you’re going to want to change it after your first login so I’m going to “copy” that [select text + ctrl c] and im going to click “Login to the Admin Panel” [clicks] [page loading] alright – for “username” enter “user” for “password”, .

we’re going to “paste” [click + ctrl v] and I’m going to login and there you go – you have just installed WordPress on the Google Cloud Platform now in the next tutorial I am going to go over how to point your domain to your Google Cloud Platform account and I will also show you how to move over and existing WordPress Website to your Google Cloud Platform WordPress installation If you have any questions – feel free to comment in the box below OR… feel free to send me an email Thanks for watching! Visit for more great tutorials

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