What is LOGO design | How to create Professional Logo

 To start any business or business, a logo (logo) has a special significance to make it different. But many people do not know that in today’s article, we are going to give you information on this subject. We are going to tell you some such apps and websites, due to which you can make a good logo of your business!

A logo means a symbol or symbol that helps in branding your business. All the products which have brands in the world have their own different logos. By seeing the logo, any person can tell which company this product belongs to. For example, you can see the LOGO of cars like BMW, Lamborghini and Audi, which is quite popular. People see the LOGO and understand that this car belongs to which company. You can understand the importance of LOGO by this very thing!

How to create Professional Logo

There are many such apps and websites on the Internet to create a Professional Logo, so that you can create a good and Professional Logo, you have been given detailed information about all those apps and websites!


Best logo maker apps


1. Logo Maker 2021

App Name Logo Maker 2021

Version 1.24

Downloads 10M +

Download Size 17.3MB

Friends Logo Maker 2021 is a very good logo making app with which you can create a Professional Logo. The size of this application is also very low, that is why you can use this application in any Android phone!


In this application you get to see more than 5000 free logo templates. Which you can use to create a Professional Logo. To use this application, you have to first create an account. After creating an account, you can easily create a great logo using this application!


2. Logo Maker Plus

App Name Logo Maker Plus


Downloads 10M +

Download Size 19.21MB



Logo Maker Plus is one of the best LOGO maker apps. Apart from the free version of this application, you can also use its paid version. In which you will get to see many different types of features. The paid version of this application will get you from 149 rupees to 1650 rupees, which will be monthly and yearly cost.


This application is very easy to use, that’s why this application is so popular Logo Maker Plus has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play-Store, which is a huge figure, which is why the size of this application is very low. This app gives you more benefit in size, the size of this application is 19.21MB!


3. 3D Logo Maker

App Name 3D Logo Maker

Version 1.2.8

Downloads 1M +

Download Size 28.14MB

In this application you get to see different types of templates for 3D Logo. Along with this, different colors are also present along with the font of different type of text. It is also a popular logo maker application that has more than 1 million downloads on the Google Play-Store. And its size is also very less. The size of this application is only 28.14MB and it is also very easy to use. So if you want to create a Professional Logo, then you can create a Professional Logo using any of these three applications!


Best logo maker website


1. Logomaker.com

With the help of this website, you can make a good LOGO. For this, you have to first search and open this website in google. After opening, you will see the letter written in capital letters on the home page itself Start Start logo You have to click on that option. On clicking on that option, you will have the option to fill the name and some optional information, you have to fill that information!


After that you have to click on the make logo. As soon as you click, the font and theme option will appear in front of you, you have to select a good theme and font and click on Next. After that, three to four people related to the same will come in front of you, in this way you can make a logo from your mobile. You can also download the logo that you like!


How to make logo in Jio phone

Many people will be using jio phone from you but we all know that apart from the application of jio store in jio phone, we cannot use other application. In such a situation, if we have to make a logo from jio phone then how do we make it. So for this you can use the website mentioned above. Which is also easy to use and works properly in jio phone too. That is why if you want to make a nice logo from jio phone, then you can make logo from jio phone using Logomaker.com website!


How to create YouTube Channel Logo


Friends, if you are a youtuber or are thinking to start a YouTube channel, then you will definitely need a Professional Logo for the channel. And you can use canva to create another YouTube Channel logo. With the help of this application or website, you can make a good YouTube Channel Logo!


If you want, you can also create a logo for your youtube channel by visiting canva.com. And if you want to make this work even faster then you can download the canva application from google play store. Apart from the logo, you get to see many more features that you can use for your YouTube editing!



Today you learned that Logo kaise banaye we told you some apps and website to make a Professional Logo which you can use to make a logo. Hope you like our article. If you like this article of ours, then definitely share it with your friends. Also, turn on the notification bell of the website so that you do not miss any article in the coming time!


Friends, the apps and websites that we told you are very easy to use. Any person can easily create a logo using those apps and websites. We hope that through this information, you will be able to create a Professional Logo to create your brand identity. If you have any problem related to this article, then you can comment and ask us thank you!

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