What is New in WordPress 5.7 and New Feature

What is New WordPress 5.7 “Esperanza”?
Meet “Esperanza”, the first WordPress release of 2021. “Esperanza” is named in honor of Esperanza Spalding, a modern musical actor. His approach as an artist is unique and inspiring – learn more about him and give him music to listen to!
With this new version, WordPress brings you new colors. The editor helps you work in a few areas that you have never been able to do without entering a code or hiring an expert. The controls you use the most are right where you need them. Planning changes that should be simple, easy to do.


Now the new editor is easy to use :

Font size adjustment in most places: now, the font size controls are where you need them in the List and Code blocks. You can’t go to another screen to make that one change!
Non-renewable blocks: several enhancements make reusable blocks strong and easy to use. And now they automatically end up in the post when you click the refresh button.
Insert drag-and-drop: insert blocks and block patterns from the inserter directly to your post.


You can do more without typing a custom code

Full height alignment: have you ever wanted to make a block, like a cover block, to fill an entire window? Now you can.
Buttons block: you can now select vertical or horizontal shapes. You can also set the button width to the preset values.


Social Icons block: you can now resize thumbnails.

Simple default color palette
This new reversed color palette drops all the colors that were in the WordPress source code until it reaches 7 basic colors and a list of 56 shades that meet the WCAG 2.0 AA recommended contrast to white or black.
Get a new palette in the default WordPress dashboard color scheme, and use it when creating themes, plugins, or other items. For all the details, check out the Color Palette dev note.


From HTTP to HTTPS with one click

Starting now, change the site from HTTP to HTTPS to one-click submission. WordPress will automatically update database URLs when you change. No more hunting and guessing!

New Robot API

The new Robots API allows you to add filter references to the meta tag tag, and the API includes a preview of a large image: a major automatic redirect. That means search engines can show great image previews, which can increase your traffic (unless the site is marked out of public).

Load your iFrames lazily

It is now easier to allow iframes to upload. By default, WordPress will add the load = = lazy “to the iframe tags where both width and height are defined.
Continuous cleaning after upgrading to jQuery 3.5.1
For years jQuery has helped make things go on the screen in ways that basic tools have not been able to – but that eventually changes, as does jQuery.
At 5.7, jQuery is more focused and less accessible, with fewer messages on the console.


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